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Tuckraft is the one-of-a-kind unique paper art craft experience. It’s different, simple, and clean. It’s so easy, anyone can master it and create their own masterpiece without the need for any drawing skills or special equipment.

Tuckraft is a form of craft that transforms colored pieces of paper into impressive vibrant works of art. So beautiful even the crafters are amazed by the end result. Our projects are carefully designed to match the abilities of every client we service, and ranges in difficulty from simple projects for children as young as 5-years old, to more sophisticated projects for craft-savvy adults.

The technique is easy, with three simple steps. Just FOLD, CUT, and TUCK. Presto! No messy glue or paint is necessary.

Tuckraft has been experienced by thousands of crafters of all ages and organizations including schools, camps, senior citizen programs, and vacation resorts. It’s is now also available in schools and craft shops across the country. After ten years of overwhelmingly positive feedback, it’s now available across the U.S. and poised to bring reinvigorate the crafting experience.

Whether engaging children with creativity for hours on end, or adults who can’t get enough, or for those that need a boost to self-esteem, we’re committed to bring enjoyable crafting experiences to all!