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Is Tuckraft a project for adults or for kids?
Both. We carry a variety of projects, each geared towards a specific age group. Our children’s projects are simple enough for school-aged children, while our adult projects are designed to stimulate adults of any age.
Are Tuckraft projects appropriate for young children?
Tuckraft projects are appropriate for children aged five and up.
Is Tuckraft appropriate for senior citizens?
Absolutely. Nobody is too old for Tuckraft.
Can children do Tuckraft projects on their own, or will they need help from an adult?
The beauty of Tuckraft is that children are able to do the project entirely on their own. Very young children may need some adult explanation of the directions, but even the youngest children should be able to complete the actual folding, tracing and cutting entirely on their own.
What equipment will I need to do a Tuckraft project?
Nothing more than a scissor, pencil, and paper clip. Tuckraft kits do not require glue, paint, paste, or specialized cutting equipment.
Do I need a special scissor to complete a Tuckraft project?
No. A standard scissor will suffice for any Tuckraft project; no razor blades or specialty scissors are required, even for adult projects.
How long does it take to do a Tuckraft project?
The length of time required for Tuckraft projects will vary based upon the crafter’s skill level and familiarity with the technique. Each kit is marked with an estimated time frame, ranging from _____ hours to ____ hours.
Do Tuckraft projects have to be completed in one sitting?
Not at all. Tuckraft is a clean, easy to store project that can be put down and continued at your convenience.
Do you have projects that can serve as an occupation for longer periods of time?
Certainly. Our larger projects can be spread over the course of several weeks, making them an ideal choice for schools and summer camps.
Do you offer custom projects?

Absolutely! From custom colors to custom designs, Tuckraft can create a project to match your desired color or theme. Click Here Get A Quote >>

How quickly can you deliver?
In-stock products can be delivered within one to two business days, while bulk orders may require up to two weeks for shipment. Please contact our service department for details and custom orders.